Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cooling down

It started getting chilly Sunday. It warmed back up, but winter is
coming. Elder Moody got a coat from an Elder that is going home soon.
It is too big and swallow him up. It was nice of him though.

Pj came home! We are planning to set up a lesson in the home of a
member. We got two new Investigators last Saturday. We were stopping
by a former and we talked to an Indian man. He told us there was a
Mexican family in a house near by. We knocked and they let us in. It
was a large family but we only really taught two of them. They were
really cool and enjoyed the lesson. We also taught a few of the drunk
Mexicans. The work is picking up.

We still devoted a lot of time to finding. On Wednesday we had to turn
in the car for it to be worked on. We still haven't got it back.
Thursday was a lot of walking and on Friday we used the bus a lot. It
was good to meet more people, but everything took longer. Saturday we
really needed the car, so we checked to se if it was done. They gave
us a key, but it turns out it was for another set of missionaries. We
called them and the mission office to see if we could use that car
instead, so that is what we're are driving now. I have never been so
thankful to have a car.

We had a few fun experiences. We met and prayed with a prostitute. I
almost got in a fight with a drunk native man. We taught the whole
first lesson to a guy in a van in a parking lot. And we taught a guy
from a country I've never even heard of in Africa. Things have been

So I finally got over my cold, and then all of the sudden I got this
knot in the side of my neck. I could barely turn my head. It is mostly
gone away now, but it was just the most bizarre thing. Otherwise I
can't complain.

Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another crazy week

It's been wet the last few days. It started cooling down.

We went finding like crazy last week. So many cool things happened we
can't even list them all. So here's a few cool things that that come
to mind.  A Muslim lady that let us in and talked about the Quran in
broken English, a bunch of Mexicans dyed their hair because their team
lost, and a Croatian man is reading the Book of Mormon. Funny story
their, we knocked this one house and the lady said she wasn't
interested. We kept talking with her though and she said her roommates
might be interested. We gave her a Book of Mormon for her to give.
Then we came back and we met her husband. He wasn't interested either
but he said the other guy was reading. How cool is that! We had lots
of little things like that. Our mission president had us count every
time we approached someone to share the gospel. We got 221 in a week.
It is interesting to see how even though we aren't teaching a ton, we
are still doing well.

I've been a little sick. I have a runny nose and sore throat. Nothing too bad.

Con Amor

Élder Grimmer

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Random Rain.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016