Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The weather here is perfect. All the snow melted. Of course, it could
snow again any moment, because Canada.

We had a crazy experience Friday with Salvador. We stopped by around 8
as is custom, and he was on he driveway behind his house with Bryan.
We started to talk and they said we're drunk. They had drunk an entire
case of beer. We told them we were there to help them and Elder
Russell asked if they had any more alcohol. Bryan handed him a bottle
of Jack Daniels and he poured it on the street. We asked if there was
anything more, and eventually they admitted they had another case of
beer. All four of us began to pour out the beer. One of them burst on
Elder Russell and he got covered in beer. Salvador started to attack
the beer in a drunken rage; throwing the cans on the road and kicking
the box. Later they said we had poured out $70 worth of alcohol. We
watched a bible video to calm them down. The next day we stopped by
and made them pancakes and bacon. Two days later Salvador came to
church, but Bryan slept in.

We are moving apartments. On of the areas is shutting down, and they
are moving us into their apartment and YSA sisters are taking our
apartment. The one we are leaving was really nice with a washer and
dryer and even a dishwasher. The new one is gross and old and a lot
smaller. Oh well. We have been moving lots of stuff though. I got to
drive a truck for the first time in my life. It had a bunch of stuff
in the back. That was fun. Plus we will be staying with the elders
there for a day before they ship off.

I have been doing well. I hope the best for you all and hope you had a
happy Easter

Élder Grimmer

Monday, March 28, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

t has gotten really warm, but some days have still been cold. The
highest it has been was probably about plus 15. Not much snow is left,
but the rivers are still frozen. It tried to snow Sunday, but it was
too warm and nothing stuck. When it gets warm everything is wet.
Basically all of the rain that would have fallen but was snow builds
up, and then everything melts.

His week has been interesting. There was a fair amount of service
done. We had some degree of contact with most of our investigators,
but we only were able to teach three of them. We have had a few
activities and are going to have more. One of the wards had a pi night activity, where
everyone brought pies. We made a key lime pie with Elder Russell's
grandma's recipe. It was delicious. We didn't win (the ballots were
probably rigged) but it was one of the first gone. None of the people
we invited showed up.

So Sam. Sam, Sam, Sam. He is an interesting man. We had a lesson that
started at 8:30 and ended around 10 pm. He took tangents off his
tangents. We fought long and hard to keep it a lesson. I don't know
how intent he is on learning the gospel. Then the next day he invited
us to go jogging. We had a ward coordination meeting just before so we
were in full proselytizing clothes. We ended up jogging/hiking for
over 2 hours. It was cool though. We went through this ravine that
went through some woods, and we saw a coyote almost 40 feet away. We
were in woods, but this was still almost next to Downtown.

Salvador is not doing so hot. We are going to meet with him tonight.

I hope you are all doing well. Enjoy these pictures of pie.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Few Days of Summer

It decided to get really warm, 12 degrees, and almost all the snow melted. Then Sunday it dropped about 2 inches of snow. It is perfect snowman weather, as it is roughly 1 degree and al the snow is slushy.I am trying to convince my companion to make a snowman with me.

Yesterday we had interviews with the mission president. He gave us ideas on to work more effectively, on how to plan, and just being better missionaries. We have had a better week so far. we had several lessons and we found a new investigator. 

So Salvador. Fun. We have been going through lawyers like no business, acting as the middle man and translator. He is in a tight situation, and is not doing too hot. He would get baptised in a second if he could, but it is just a mess. He is really strong, though, and he has faith. 

There hasn't been too much going on. Elder Russell is going on a diet. I have remained the same weight my whole mission so far, and I am sticking to my regular food. It is fairly healthy, lots of pasta, oats, cereal, and 8L (a little over 2 gallons) of milk each week.

With Love
Éldae Grimmer
Answers to Dad's questions:  Our apartment is kinda small, but with an open floor layout, so it feels bigger. We are the only ones there. Elder Russell is a bit more like me in personality. He really cares for the people. Elder Silva was a great Spanish speaker, and they are both great guys. We don't have Senior companions as a leadership role, as the President doesn't like that. There are 9 Spanish missionaries, one just got his vista to go to the states. There were 5 areas, but 2 got put together so we have 4 now. Hopefully they will split again soon. We don't have a branch, even though there are plenty to support a branch in the north stake. There was a branch almost 7 years ago and it failed, so leaders are hesitant to start a new branch. We keep good communications in the wards we work in. We do exchanges once a transfer with the ZLs. Driving in the snow is not hard at all. You know the drill. My companion is driving and he is from Idaho, so lots of practice with snow driving. I do miss having a 4x4. we get 3000 kliks a month and we use 1500, when we don't go to Grand Prairie. Pdays are way too short but there are fun, but not too many people come together for sports. my Spanish is coming along, with lots of errors. I don't get mistaken for a native LOL. I asked an investigator, who said that he could judge accents well, where my accent sounded from, and he said it sounded american. We find investigators mainly by contacting formers/potentials, missionary referrals or member referrals. the locals liker their hokey but they aren't too obsessed with it. I don't think anything really surprised me about Canada. I like it a lot.

Élder Grant Grimmer

Thursday, March 3, 2016

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