Saturday, January 28, 2017

Our week of spring is over, it's back to cold. Last Saturday there was
a bunch of fog, and it was humid and cold. It dropped a lot of frost
on the trees and it looks really pretty. It's about -7 C, so not bad.

This week we will have a missionary broadcast on Wednesday And Elder
Echohawk of the Seventy will have a meeting with us on Thursday. It's
going to be an awesome week!

So this week has been a bit harder, but it was good. We didn't really
meet with any anyone except Angel. So we knocked a lot of doors and
talked to a lot of people. Nothing too crazy.

Take care!

Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sweet note

Here's a story I think you'll like. A few weeks ago we were contacting and I was depressed. Basically everyone said no and was super rude. We got in the car to go somewhere else to knock doors, and my companion who was driving felt to turn on a road and park. It was a culdesac close to Mill Creek, a creek that runs through the city. I did what I do best and went exploring, jumping across the creek and following game trails. Afterwards I felt much better. It was so pretty with the snow and the creek. Elder Nyman said he felt I needed that. God takes care of us!

Love you!

Slush and Snowmen

It is +5 and incredibly warm up here. I made a snowman. We went street
contacting and I didn't even need a coat. The wind was fun though, it
still bites. Last week was still chilly before the warm came, but it's
supposed to stay warm for now.

It has been a hard week, but a week full of growth. It gets difficult
sometimes, but it is amazing how God takes the time to pick us up. One
really cool story; we were out knocking doors and we met a guy named
George. I opened up talking about the family and testifying of God's
plan for families. He said it was a bad time, that he had recently had
a death in the family and was talking to other family members. God's
timing is perfect. Enough said. So yea, Canada's pretty great.

Élder Grimmer

Monday, January 16, 2017

Boots and Suits Again

We had a few meetings and Church to attend, so we were wearing suits
and has been about -15 to -20, but last week it felt much
worse. -15 is really not that bad, but last Wednesday was just
terrible. It was snowing and humid, and humid cold just bites to the
bone. Wind chill has been a killer as well.

This week has been a good one. We got new Investigators. It was a guy
we found tracting. Our president is very fond of the talk "Fourth
Floor Last Door" and he was the last house on the street. We found
them almost a month ago but only stopped by this week. We had two
lesson so far. We taught the Plan of Salvation and he really liked it.
So as we were teaching, his daughter and her friends left to go to the
night club. That was fun. They are a fun family. His wife was
apparently a former investigator from a long time ago; the
missionaries invited her to be baptized. I'm not sure what happened,
but they are a cool family.

So we have been working hard. We went on exchanges and the first door
we knocked on was a Spanish guy from the Dominican Republic who let us
in. They were Seventh Day Adventists but they were nice. Then the next
door was a 19 year old girl with a 3 year old son, and we talked for a

Well it's been fun.

Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It's been pretty cold. There have been lots of little flurries. It's
been about -18.

So I got sick for New Years. It kinda sucked. I threw up at church. :(
that was no fun. I think I've had enough sleep for three days. Well
I'm better now so yea!

Other than that it has been a regular week. We helped a member rip up
a bunch of carpet. That was fun. We have been working hard.

Élder Grimmer