Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It has been nice. I am getting used to the summer. It gets up to mid
thirties C (85 f).

We had a good week. We met with Pj again. We brought the bishop of her
ward. He was exited to meet her. She had a different response to
meeting a bishop; her impression of bishops was that of a super rich
Catholic bishop that is almost super human. We tried to calm her down
and tell her he was just a regular guy, not unlike any other people at
church. It was all ok once the lesson started. He helped a lot with
teaching. She had questions about forgiveness and how it works, so he
was the perfect person to have there. She Asked how many time she
could be forgiven, and we showed a scripture that said as often as we
repent sincerely we will be forgiven.  She started to cry a little. It
was very emotional. She will be going to Colombia soon for a month so
we have to move her baptism date to September.

We went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week. We went all out.
The elder I was with is known for teaching literally everyone. We
taught a Chinese women who was here for school. It was cool. She was
very exited to get a mandarin Book of Mormon. We have missionary's
that teach in mandarin so they should be teaching her soon. It was a
good exchange.

Transfers are in a few weeks but we already had some changes in our
district. A new AP was called, and an elder who was waiting on his
Visa finally got it, so he left to go to salt lake mission. So with
him gone we got a new elder in the mean time. There are quite a few
who will need to go home so there will be more changes to come. All
part of the joy of mission life:)

Take care!

Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nothing too crazy as of late.

We met with PJ this week. Her schedule just opened up as she finished
school. She brought her daughters to church, so that was awesome. When
we met they had friends over. We were able to teach them as well! One
was from Colombia but the other didn't speak Spanish. He did speak
French though, and my companion was able to talk with him. It was
cool. Plus one is a barber so we are going to get super cheap haircuts
next week. We are going to have a haircut/ pass over in the north, so
that will be fun. We started to say goodbye to people; my companion
goes home in 3 weeks. It was cool to see people that I haven't been
able to in a while.

We went on exchanges with the Assistants this week. We have a new
Mission President and he wanted to get to know the missionaries, so he
went to some apartments. He was going to the Zone leaders, and then
found out we live right next door, so he dropped in. It was super
funny to see him when Elder Bergeson, the AP, answer the door. The
other elders were also on exchanges, so everyone was mixed up. He
brought his sons and doughnuts. It was fun.

So we have been well.

Con amor
Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We had a few freak storms, but it has stayed mostly calm. It has been
hot but nothing to bad.

This week was a bit better. We taught a deaf woman. To communicate we
wrote everything down on the iPad and increased the font size. It
worked fairly well. I even prayed, which was a rather odd experience.
I felt very humble as I wrote the words of that prayer. I still have
the whole conversation saved in my notes. We are passing her and her
kids to the sister missionaries in the area. One even knows a little
sigh language so that should help.

We taught Moises this week. He is super receptive and should progress.
There was another family where the wife was interested but the husband
shut us down. Hopefully we can get him to go to soccer though. It has
still been a little slow though.

Take care!
Élder Grimmer

Friday, July 8, 2016

A Happy and Hot Canada Day!

It has been very hot and very humid. A few thunderstorms came through
a while ago. Then with sun, it is just blazing. On Canada Day I got my
first Canadian sunburn. It was very bright and we were outside. It was
probably the least impressive sunburn I've ever had though, nothing
special.  I guess that means I'll be tan though.

So Canada Day! It was epic. We did service at the Legislature Building
of Alberta, or affectionately known as the Ledge, at a large
children's event. We showed kids how to make beaver puppets, and they
had women dressed up to teach kids about Alberta history and the
Canadian woman's suffrage movement. They had all sorts of events and
attractions throughout downtown and other parts of the city. There was
no end to the Canadian Flags. At night there were fireworks.
Altogether it was a lot of fun.

President Manion went home this week. We met our new Mission
President, President Pattison. We had a fireside meeting to get to
know them. He is good man from New Brunswick. I am going to have
almost exactly a year with both.

hot (for Canada) at least

It's been warm. Most days it gets to the mid 30s, (80s F) so we're
pretty warm. Nothing too bad though.

Everyone has been busting out the Canadian flags for Canada day, July
1st. It is one of the biggest holidays in the country, comparable to
the 4th for the Americans. We are also exited for service and

This week has been alright. Nothing too special. We had a few lessons
cancel but that's life. It can be quite difficult to set things up.

We had a farewell fireside for President Manion Saturday. Some recent
converts shared their conversion stories, there was a musical number
and then President and Sister Manion spoke of their experiences and
growth. It was touching. In less than a week we will be meeting the
new mission president, President Pattison. He seems like a great guy
so I am looking forward to meeting him.

Stay cool

Élder Grimmer