Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It snowed a bit. It has been about -2 for a while now. We drove out to
Sherwood Park, which is only 5 minutes from the city, and there was 2
inches of snow. We have almost no snow here in Edmonton, so that was

So we had a great thanksgiving... Five weeks ago. Our district has
district meetings every Thursday so we are planing a district American
Thanksgiving. Everyone is bringing stuff and it will be great. What is
weird is Canadians still have Black Friday this week.

Mario came to church! He came in halfway through sacrament meeting,
but still. He is on date for December 10, so hopefully he can make it.

We stopped by a few old investigators in the north. There are a lot of
people, but it is hard to get in contact with everyone.

Well, we are well. It is a little cold, and the work is tough, but life is good.

Élder Grimmer
Like a boss.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It kinda snowed last night. Not much stuck, but it was snowing this
morning. It has been +4 +5 most of this week. Not freezing, but not
warm either.

We went to the temple this morning. It was very sweet.

So this week has been interesting. We talked with several born-again
Christians. They have a distorted view on who God really is and how to
be saved. It has caused a bit of introspection, and we have come to
the conclusion that God and Jesus really are two different people with
one purpose. Some people were more willing to listen and find out the
truth than others. We talked to a guy who had a concern about the Book
of Mormon and continuing revelation, and I felt inspired to tell him
to study the Bible to find an answer. Considering they both come from
the same God, they should line up. That was cool; we are meeting with
him again tonight.

We have found quite a few new Investigators this past week. A few were
referred from other missionaries, and a few are going to other
missionaries as they don't speak Spanish:). I have enjoyed starting to
stop by several members I knew a year ago. Several remarked how much
my Spanish has improved. How crazy is that, I was literally here a
year ago. Well, time flys. I've only got roughly 8 months left.

We are well

Élder Grimmer