Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I Hate Wind!

It hasn't been too cold for most of this week, but when you add the
windchill factor, the -2,3, and  4 become -10, -15, even -20. It
sucks. We got dumped on with snow last night. It had snowed in red
deer before I left, but we didn't get much snow until yesterday. It is
probably  around 6 or 7 inches out there, and the temperature has been
dropping. It isn't too bad, but the wind blows.

So far we have had quite a few more investigators up in this area, but
we haven't been able to meet all of them. Our biggest focus right now
is to invite everyone to a Christmas party we are having for all
Spanish speakers. Last Sunday we got to see a broadcast of the
re-dedication of the Montreal temple. It was really cool, and
president Eyring and some Seventys spoke, but the part that sucked was
no investigators could attend. We've been keeping busy here and my new
companion works hard. He had Spanish immersion as a child so his
Spanish is very good. Much better than mine at least. It is cool to be
in the city, and the other missionaries are cool, but I will have to
be here longer to get a judge of things. I finally got some food for
myself today. Transfers are on Wednesdays and p day is Tuesday. We
basically wait a full week until we can get more food. I was living
off of a giant box of ramen, a big bag of apples, and the generosity
of my companion and the members here. I did okay though, and next week
we'll eat like kings. I'm alright, how are you? I love your emails.

Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I snowed again a few times. Some of it melted, some stayed, and some
turned into ice. Fun. It got well past -10 celcius with windchill, so
that was also fun. Just a little taste I guess. It has been bouncing
above and below zero, and some cold weather is in the forecast soon.
So transfer calls were yesterday. We anxiously waited for the call,
and it finally it came, annnddd..... I'm getting transferred. I will
be heading up to northern Edmonton on Wednesday. It was also my
companions birthday yesterday. I gave him a pair of stance socks. Some
cool members also gave him a present and got him a cake. They also got
him socks, which was exactly what he wanted. We had exchanges this
week and we contacted a few people, and it seemed that they all wanted
to meet on Saturday. There were some cool people we met. As we left
one house we talked to a random person who happened to be Spanish. He
was cool but he kinda talked in circles, the same thing over again a
few times. So now I'm packing my stuff getting ready to head out. I
hope you are all doing well.

Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We've had some  flurries and a lot of frost, but there is still no
snow on the ground. The Canadians love it, but I want snow. This
morning was a cold one, about -6, and frost is covering everything.
Driving home from the town of olds we saw northern lights and they
were awesome! They were green with a little red in them. Surprisingly
the strongest lights happened while we were in our apartment, in the
middle of Red Deer. We have a few investigators but we haven't been
able to meet with too many of them. We did get to do some awesome
service with a member again though. Hauling, chopping, and at times
felling trees. They let me use the axe, and when the chainsaw stopped
working I took over at de-limbing a log. It was a lot of fun. I've
been well. Hope you are having a great week.

Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Both Edmonton and Calgary got hit with snow, and Red Deer is right
between them, but we only got frost this morning. Apparently this has
been the first Halloween without snow in many years for the Canadians.
Halloween was an interesting event. We got some candy from a ward
event, and we basically just hung out with some other missionaries
because we couldn't go out past 6. We have had a few good lessons, but
it has been relatively stable, not gaining many but not losing anyone
either. Our main investigators right now are in a completely different
town, but we've been trying to get people to progress. We didn't have
much money until last Friday, and I was down to a few things of oats,
some pasta, and cereal with half a gallon of milk. I bought over 100$
worth of groceries, but some things like protein and the endless
amounts of ramen aught to last me basically until the end of my
mission XD. I'll do fine. We get to work with a lot of cool
missionaries here, and they get us a nice amount of referrals. The
dinners have slowed down, but a few cool members have given us extra,
so that has helped. We were trying to lose weight anyway LOL. How have
you all been doing? I wish the best for you all.

Élder Grimmer