Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A warm week

It has been strangely warm. I am told that this is common, random thaws in the middle of winter, but it feels weird. It is about 3 degrees outside (Celsius) which is just crazy warm. A bunch of snow on the roads has melted, but that could turn into worse problems when it all freezes again. Lots of people have been walking, and I can't blame them; it is really nice outside. 

We had a language training meeting, where we discussed the work with President. It was a good opportunity to figure out new ideas, especially for finding. There was a world wide mission conference also on Wednesday, which was cool. Bednar talked about the spirit, they talked about always testifying of Christ, and gave us ideas for helping Less active members. There has been a lot of support.

This has been a busy week. One of our investigators, Salvador, has met with us every day this week. We got a member there, got him to church, and he is on date to be baptized. We have also been working with a lot of people. I gave my first Spanish blessing. We gave two blessings of healing and one of comfort, and all wee in Spanish. On Friday we had three lessons in a row, and they all kinda went over. one of them gave us a bunch of food, so we took it and gave it to another investigator who had no money. It was an easy way to help. It has been good to be able to help people.

I have been introduced to a drink called Yerba Mate (pronounced Maw-tay). this week I finally got some for myself. Apparently it is huge in Argentina. I like it.

I have been well. I hope the same for all of you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It got down to -20 without the wind, and -30 with the wind. That was a
fun day. It has been about -10 for most of the week. I actually did
get out my coat, and good thing too. It has flurried some, but the
wind is just the worst.
So we finally got back in contact with one of our investigators. He
doesn't know his address, but he walked to a mall nearby. We met him
there and had a lesson, then walked with him back to his apartment. Of
course it was on the day when the wind and cold was the worst. My coat
kept most of me warm, but with no scarf, my face was hurting. We
stopped by later and he was drunk, so that sucks. We showed him the
prophet of the restoration the next day, and he really liked it. We
haven't had too much else this week. We finally got a Cambodian Book
of Mormon to our Spanish/Cambodian family. There were three book of
Mormons in three languages. It was interesting. We have been working
hard, but it is hard.
Love you all

Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

We got quite a lot more snow this week. Good thing too, because a
little bit melted in the nearly three weeks without new snow.
Unfortunately that also meant that the roads got covered in a dirty
substance the city covers the roads with to give traction, and it
seams like most of it ended up on our car or my pants:( It hasn't been
too cold; I still don't wear coats but I do break out jacket every now
and again. My impressive coat collection still hangs in the closet,
It was a slow week. We did a fair amount of service, though. There was
a festival called the deep freeze festival, and we stopped by because
we were in the area. It was really cool, literally. There were ice and
snow sculptures, Vikings, oil drum fires to warm up, and tents with
lots of cool things. We came back on Sunday night and spent two hours
in full proselytizing cloths helping them break down. We met a Spanish
woman out of that, so it was time well spent. Lots of lessons fell
through. But we set up lessons, so hopefully we will be busy soon. I'm
doing well. Love you all.

Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It has actually gotten above freezing for a little while this week.
You know your used to the weather when zero feels like 60. That is
without wind. It got back down though, and was about -15 or so

We just got to go to the temple today. We had to get up at 5:30 to get
there on time. It was a good experience. It has been a crazy week.
There is a lot of potential for us, but little has been realized. We
started Skype teaching one of our investigators and his wife in
Colombia. We might have to go back and teach from the beginning. There
is also an interesting family with a Spanish dad, Cambodian mom and
granddaughter who helps interpret. We finally got everything set up
with with them, and one thing after another keeps cancelling. We also
have an investigator we wanted to meet with almost everyday if we
could. He was living with a member but moved out. He doesn't know his
address right now, so this has been awkward. We have been working hard
I do have a sore throat but I'm doing fine
Élder Grimmer