Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It warmed up again and now all the snow melted. It's about plus 5, so not too cold. After the snow everything feels warmer. There are a few patches of snow here and there, but most has been melting.

So more craziness; we are gong to be getting another companion, Elder Nyman, and we are now going to be covering three stakes. Fun. We are covering the North, Riverbend, and Bonnie Dune. I already served in the north, so this should be a party. We have put so many clicks on our car already. This is all just crazy.

So we taught Maria. She has been coming to church, and she reads from the Book of Mormon, and yesterday was our first lesson. She is awesome. She is a foreign exchange student from Spain living with some members. There is a recent convert family from the same part of Spain that we are hoping to get to a lesson, so it is just awesome. Our lesson mostly consisted of answering questions, and she had lots.

Other than Maria we haven't met with many people, but we have been stoping by lots of people and we should have plenty of people to work with.

Con amor

Élder Grimmer

Thursday, October 20, 2016

So almost all of last week's snow melted, then Friday we got another 6
inches or so. Then it warmed up a bit again. There is snow on one side
of the street and the other side is wet. It's about +3 or so. Not bad
at all. We got freezing rain Sunday. Thankfully the roads weren't bad,
but our car had a sheen of ice all over it. It looked cool.

So we had some craziness this week. So I got transferred to the Bonnie
Dune stake with Elder Christensen, and we also cover Riverbend stake.
Here's where the craziness comes in; transfers are next Wednesday.
Elder Christensen came out with Elder Dike, just under a transfer ago.
As well, Elder Moody's not even done training. I just say Elder Moody
is training Elder Dike, and is also being trained by Elder Dike.
They're great missionaries, and they'll do great.

So we are covering two areas and we travel a lot. We can spend 30+ min
easy going to an appointment. The mission likes to filter out cars
once they have 60000 kicks on them; our Subaru had over 80000. We went
to the mission office today and I talked with the mission vehicle
coordinator, and he had us switch out all of our stuff into a new car.
Now we drive a 2016 Rav 4 with 108 kilometers on the odometer. It's
pretty awesome.

So RiverDune is pretty great. There are a ton of people that all seem
super solid, but the missionaries haven't been meeting with most in a
long time. We found some some solid people and have been trying to
connect with more for the past few days. The members are also awesome.
We don't get fed quite as much, but on Sunday we tried by a family
some of my old companions told me about. We wanted to share a quick
message about missionary work, and they asked if we had a dinner
tonight. We said we didn't, and they fed us really good tacos.

I'm still trying to get everything organized, but I'm fine.

Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

So it snowed. We were doing our weekly planning, and we look out side
and snow was falling. By that night it was sticking, and it has snowed
off and on for four days. We have maybe an inch, and it's melting. I
want to make a snow man. It's not too cold, but with wind it gets a
little chilly. Everything looks different.

So we had thanksgiving this week. Yesterday was the official
thanksgiving day, but we got three thanksgiving dinners this weekend.
It was a lot of fun and a lot of food.

This week has been tough but good. We are starting to visit all of the
members and it has been good for getting people exited for missionary
work. In one of the visits I felt strongly to invite the sons to pray
for a knowledge if the church is true. It was cool. We also got a few
more dinners out of this, so that is always fun. We don't have much
work but we are keeping busy. Most of our Investigators are very hard
to get in contact with.  It has been a bit hard, but life is good.

Take care and stay warm!

Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

This week has been cool. Sunday was frigid; it was raining and cold,
which makes a bad combo. We walked to a house that was right behind
the stake center, that was fun. We got very wet and very cold. Most of
the week has been relatively warm. Most of the trees are changing
color and losing their leaves.

We have been finding some new people. Yesterday we met a Mexican woman
who I could have sworn was Chinese. I guess she was raised in Mexico
though. She is currently investigating the Jehovah Witnesses, so this
should be fun. We have met a lot of solid people, but it had been hard
to get people to want to change.

So General Conference was awesome. We went to the church for each
session and no one came, but it was still awesome. I loved Elder Oaks'
talk and we plan to share it with the members here. Really, to be
effective missionaries, we need to involve the Lord in our personal
efforts to bring others to Christ.

It has been work as normal. Nothing too crazy to report.

Élder Grimmer