Friday, September 30, 2016

So this week has been cooling down some more. We just got a coat for Elder Dike. It has been fun.

This week has been a bit empty. We had lot a ton of approaches and found some cool people but we don't have many solid Spanish Investigators right now. We made a list of former investigators to call. We are working hard; we got well over 300 approaches.

We met with PJ twice. She is going through a very hard time. We gave her a blessing, and had a very powerful lesson on the full meaning of the atonement. The Savior was with us that night. She is on date for  Oct. 22. She has some awesome Fellowshippers, for which I can't take credit. God is taking care of her. 

We taught a man named Oscar. He is from mexico. We read Lehi's dream with him. We have been meeting with lots of mexicans. Some were having a party the other day. They gave us really good tacos. There are lots of people who are prepared, but we seem to just be finding for other missionaries. 

We have gone on lots of splits with other missionaries. It's been interesting. There is another group of three missionaries, so we split into three groups of two a few times.

We are all well.

Élder Grimmer

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Touch of Frost

So our car was covered in dew and I was telling my companions that
frost will be coming soon. Upon closer inspection, there was a little
bit of frost. Winter is coming.

Elder Dike is awesome. He is fresh out of the MTC from Arizona. His
first day we got six other lesson and got more approaches than before.
We found several awesome people in this week. Elder Dike and Moody
seem to have opened the windows of revelation. We have been searching
out the elect, and it has been bringing miracles. We met with a guy
named Cruz and it was awesome. We taught him on his doorstep and got
him to pray. The spirit was so strong. Then there was another day we
felt we needed to knock one more door. A guy was walking around and
Elder Moody said "we should talk to that guy." We knocked a door and
no one answered. Then as we walked back to the car, the guy walked
past on the phone. I said "hey do you want a book?" He said sure and
so I gave him a Book of Mormon and he walked away. It was sweet.

So we finally met with Drago. He was the Croatian man who was
supposedly reading the Book of Mormon. So he wasn't, but it was still
cool. Monica came to the stake conference! She has been the first
person to come in many a week. We are doing awesome.

I've had a bit of a sore throat and runny nose, but otherwise all is well.
Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Almost Fall

Tha leaves are changing. Fall is upon us. It has been cooling bit by
bit. The coldest was 6 this morning. Soon that will be the high.
Sunday was miserable. It was raining and cold, which is much worse
than snow.

So we are going to be training. And yes I am still training Elder
Moody. We are going to be a trio with two missionaries training and
two being trained. This will be fun.

We still haven't had anyone come to church. We have a lot of people we
are teaching but hardly anyone is actually progressing. It is tough.
We have been doing lots of finding recently and we found quite a few
Spanish. Canada really is extremely multicultural. We met a bunch of
people from all over Europe. The work is good.

So #Yegmormon was a blast! We did two service projects and taught
Eduardo. It was a great lesson. One of our members scheduled to come
with us fell through, as did two lessons, but that's life. It was a
good day.

All is well. I love you all!

Élder Grimmer

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's been a bit cooler here. It's about 12-17 as of late. And with
wind, it's chilly. Pretty soon that will be warm, but we haven't been
acclimatized to the cold yet.

We met with Pj. Some member friends of hers invited us to have a
lesson with them. The husband speaks Spanish; it was a really good
lesson. We taught about the gospel. She couldn't come to church
because of work. Sad day.

We taught a guy named Hector. He was a bit of a bible basher. We tried
to teach him, but he wasn't too receptive. We also got dropped by a JW
family. They let us meet with them a few times, but were not
interested in learning. Oh well.

On a happier note, we taught a Mexican family a second time. They are
awesome. We're trying to get members to more lessons. Hopefully
#Yegmormon will be fun. We have been focusing mostly on finding and we
are seeing lots of fruits of our labors.

All is well
Elder Grimmer