Friday, July 24, 2015

Rahdia finds Grant at the MTC.  Sweet girl here's her email that came first:

"Guess what!? 

my companion and I were selected out of the thousands of missionaries here to participate in an activity called People and Their Purpose for the new members on Wednesday. Only 9 sessions were set, and i prayed and prayed and hope Elder Grimmer would be in mine, and when I got in there - HE WAS!!! :D So I did get to see him, which was such a cool and amazing tender mercy, and he looked great! I did not get to talk to him because i was working, but we said hi and were both so excited. I'll be keeping an eye out at meal times! 

You're right, it IS such a sweet weird way God answers our prayers. And as missionaries, I'm so grateful and humbled that me and elder grimmer along with every other missionary here gets the chance to be the answers to prayers over, and over again for God's people! How cool is that!? You're son and i are basically walking miracles in the waiting. XD"

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