Tuesday, October 4, 2016

This week has been cool. Sunday was frigid; it was raining and cold,
which makes a bad combo. We walked to a house that was right behind
the stake center, that was fun. We got very wet and very cold. Most of
the week has been relatively warm. Most of the trees are changing
color and losing their leaves.

We have been finding some new people. Yesterday we met a Mexican woman
who I could have sworn was Chinese. I guess she was raised in Mexico
though. She is currently investigating the Jehovah Witnesses, so this
should be fun. We have met a lot of solid people, but it had been hard
to get people to want to change.

So General Conference was awesome. We went to the church for each
session and no one came, but it was still awesome. I loved Elder Oaks'
talk and we plan to share it with the members here. Really, to be
effective missionaries, we need to involve the Lord in our personal
efforts to bring others to Christ.

It has been work as normal. Nothing too crazy to report.

√Člder Grimmer

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