Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Last Tuesday it rained. It is still January. WHAT THE HECK CANADA!!!
Rain in the middle of winter is not a good thing. There are sheets of
ice everywhere and everyone has been slipping. In our mission there is
an informal but honoured rule that if some missionary falls, they have
to buy their district doughnuts. Needless to say, many doughnuts were
exchanged on Thursday. It has been almost plus 10 some days, and with
lots of wind, so at helped dry things out. Lots of snow has melted. We
had a tiny amount of snow Sunday, but it doesn't even begin to make up
for what was lost. It is very strange to see grass patches poking out
of the snow. The good thing is that it has been very warm. Plus
Canadians are probably the best at removing/dealing with ice.

It has been a slow week. We have been trying to set up lessons, but
most ended up cancelling or being moved. On Sunday we started the day
with a possibility of three to four lessons and two or three people at
church. No one came to church, and one by one everything canceled or
postponed until we had nothing to do. My companion wasn't feeling
good, so he just slept and I read Jesus the Christ.  A lot of
missionary have been getting sick lately, except me (knock on wood).

On a positive note, things are looking up. One of our investigator
that we couldn't meet with since November should finally be getting
time open, we are going to get member homes with some of our
investagators and less actives, and soccer. We are starting soccer in
our stake center and inviting everyone. Last week it kinda flopped. We
had six missionaries, one member, and his less active friend. It was
still a lot of fun, but a lot more Spanish people told us they could
come next week. It will be a great fellowshipping/finding tool for us,
and an excellent way to use our least effective time of the day for
something productive.

I've been well. I'm not sick yet. I wish the best for everyone.

√Člder Grimmer

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