Monday, May 30, 2016

It got really cold and it has been raining. It was kind of miserable.
I heard "I would be complaining about this but we really need this" at
least five times. That is the attitude of most of the people here. But
even if it is needed 7 degrees and rain and wind just bites.
Considering it was 30+ just a week ago, 7 feels a lot colder; it feels
about the same as -20 did in January. The rain has stopped for now and
it has warmed back up, so all is well.

We had a car crash this week. It was really bad, but God had a hand in
it with out a doubt. My companion was driving. We hit concrete barrier
and the airbags deployed. I was sure there would be dents up and down
the side; nothing. The only damage was to the tires. One of the tires
was bent, which caused it to scrape against the frame. Someone stopped
and helped us. He suggested we replace the tire with the spare, which
we hadn't thought to do. That man saved us a lot of trouble.

we have been keeping busy. I had my first French ish lesson. It was
mostly in English though. But it was really spiritual. We sang I am a
child of God and nearer my God to thee. He agreed to be baptized, but
he can't come to church so we couldn't give him a date.

I also taught a woman named PJ. We taught her how to have a family
home evening and we are going to have one tonight with her. She is
awesome and really wants to progress with her daughters, but we have
had difficulties getting all of them in a lesson together.

All is well here in Canada.

√Člder Grimmer

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