Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We had a few wet periods and a few short dry spells. It has warmed up
a bit. We went biking and the rain soaked through my rain jacket. I
was so cold. More on that one later.

We had some exchanges is week. One was with the zone leaders and
another was with the Assistants. There were many miracles. The first
exchange we went to a bus hub and just talked to everyone. We had a
few lessons just walking around. And I got a picture with Punjabis.
There are hundreds of them here. We even found a Spanish guy and he
agreed to let us teach him. Turns out his address doesn't exist... Oh
well. Then we had a lesson planned at 5 and we got there at 5:05 and
there was this guy in a car. My companion started to talk to him and
the conversation lasted 30 minutes. About five minutes in PJ, one of
our Investigators, called. She basically bore her soul to me. She was
talking about how she didn't feel like she could continue to grow
close to God because she kept making mistakes. I asked if she had
faith to be healed and told her about blessings. She said she wanted
that. We told her we would be there in 30 minutes. The lesson we came
for fell through because they were sick. We headed over. She had
invited one of her member friends and all of her daughters were there.
We shared alma 7:11 and I gave a blessing. Then we shared the
restoration. I felt PJ needed to read about the experience Joseph
Smith had right before seeing God and Jesus. She was feeling a similar
darkness. I asked her to read it out loud and she got about halfway
through and started to cry. When she finished we let her daughters
read when she stopped. Then we asked if they would be baptized. They
all agreed and they are on date for July 23. Miracles.

On the second exchange we went with the APs I was with Elder Merica.
Not even lying that is his  name. We went on bikes for two hours and
had only two decent conversations. I was throughly soaked, as I said
it went through my jacket. As I had no change of clothes, I just
ironed my clothes to dry them quickly. We taught several lessons and
they were all great lessons.

We have been working hard and are doing well. I am driving now.

With love

√Člder Grimmer

Me with a Punjab ( who is Not a terrorist)

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