Friday, September 30, 2016

So this week has been cooling down some more. We just got a coat for Elder Dike. It has been fun.

This week has been a bit empty. We had lot a ton of approaches and found some cool people but we don't have many solid Spanish Investigators right now. We made a list of former investigators to call. We are working hard; we got well over 300 approaches.

We met with PJ twice. She is going through a very hard time. We gave her a blessing, and had a very powerful lesson on the full meaning of the atonement. The Savior was with us that night. She is on date for  Oct. 22. She has some awesome Fellowshippers, for which I can't take credit. God is taking care of her. 

We taught a man named Oscar. He is from mexico. We read Lehi's dream with him. We have been meeting with lots of mexicans. Some were having a party the other day. They gave us really good tacos. There are lots of people who are prepared, but we seem to just be finding for other missionaries. 

We have gone on lots of splits with other missionaries. It's been interesting. There is another group of three missionaries, so we split into three groups of two a few times.

We are all well.

√Člder Grimmer

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