Wednesday, February 8, 2017

It got real cold real fast. Plus it's been snowing, which covered up
all the brown that was starting to peek out after last week. Right now
it's -21, and it's been in around -20 ish for the past few days, and
with wind chill it gets down to -30 easy. We were out in some of the
worst of it knocking doors. Yesterday wasn't too bad because I brought
my biggest coat, but Sunday was quite cold as I just brought a jacket
and thin gloves. Even the slightest breeze was enough to to leave me
shivering. There's a saying "there's no such thing as bad weather,
just bad clothing" and that is definitely true.

Quick story related to that. Sunday we were knocking a few doors and
my toes were completely  numb. We kept knocking, and one person as
soon as he opened the door said "come in." There were about two other
families over to watch the Super Bowl, so I'm pretty sure he just
thought we were more guests. Luckily he was nice enough to actually
let us in. I told him who we were, and I said that the circumstances
might not be the best to sit down and talk about Jesus. He told us we
could warm up for a minute and he offered us food. Unfortunately it
was fast Sunday:( but it was still really awesome.

Trackting in -20 isn't fun under any condition, but we gotta do something.

Basically we have been doing a lot of finding. Some of the people we
are working with are planning to visit their country, so that should
slow things down for a while. Oh well, there's always more people to

Have fun and stay warm!

√Člder Grimmer
Like a boss.

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