Saturday, July 1, 2017

Last wednesday we had a major wind storm. I thought it was a tornado,
but it wasn't really. It was really bad though. A lot of trees fell
down and people lost shingles. Some people actually lost their roofs.
It was crazy; one minute it was calm and we were knocking some doors,
then the next minute we were in the storm. We sprinted back to our car
and as we were running a big branch fell off one of the trees and
landed right next to a car on the other side of the road. We got in
our car and drove home. On the way there was a guy at a gas station
who was fighting to keep his signs off the road, and we got out and
helped him. Then we helped clear a tree off the road with the help of
a guy with a truck. It was hurricane force winds. Luckily we missed
the rain, but some parts like Red Deer lost power and they got it
worse than us.

Stephanie got baptized! I did the baptism and Elder Sepulcri confirmed
her. He said the first part in English, but he felt prompted to bless
her in Spanish. I tried my best to translate but Argentinos talk fast.
The baptism was great. It was a lot less dramatic than I thought, but
very peaceful. Stephanie got anxious with all the people, but it ended
up very good. Now she wants to go to the temple with her friend.

We taught a new family. The grandfather of the family was an old
former investigator, and we had met with his daughter. Then one day we
knocked and talked to her son, and he was interested. We taught him
one s before, and this last Saturday we taught the whole family. Hey
are religious but they don't go to a church. We invited them to read
and pray.

We have been working. This Wednesday will start my last week. I am
starting to pack. There have been so many memories. This truly is the
"best two years."

√Člder Grimmer

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