Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Calm Week

This week has been nice for temperature. It has been a good week.

Stephanie moved her date to be baptized to Friday the 23! She wanted
to invite a bunch of friends, and a lot of people  couldn't make it
July first because that's Canada day, so we moved the date up. She is
exited to be baptized. The opposition has been trying to work on her
as well; some of her friends came by and decided to leaver her a pack
of cigarettes. She had her friend come over and tear them up. She is
going strong.

We had a little miracle with Stephanie this week. We were trying to
find someone to come with us to a lesson, but literally everyone we
called was busy. I was praying that someone would be able to come with
us. Than a few hours before the lesson, brother Crawford called us. He
likes to invite us over for lunch sometimes, and we asked him if he
would like to come with us. He said sure, and we had a good lesson. It
was just a little miracle, but it was definitely a miracle.

We did some service for the Darbies. The had a lot of big logs they
needed to split with a mechanical splitter. I took an axe and did a
few on my own. It felt good swinging an axe. They have a really nice

We have been doing well. Elder Sepulcri has been sick, so that was a
bummer. He's felling better now, so that's good.

√Člder Grimmer

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