Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I snowed again a few times. Some of it melted, some stayed, and some
turned into ice. Fun. It got well past -10 celcius with windchill, so
that was also fun. Just a little taste I guess. It has been bouncing
above and below zero, and some cold weather is in the forecast soon.
So transfer calls were yesterday. We anxiously waited for the call,
and it finally it came, annnddd..... I'm getting transferred. I will
be heading up to northern Edmonton on Wednesday. It was also my
companions birthday yesterday. I gave him a pair of stance socks. Some
cool members also gave him a present and got him a cake. They also got
him socks, which was exactly what he wanted. We had exchanges this
week and we contacted a few people, and it seemed that they all wanted
to meet on Saturday. There were some cool people we met. As we left
one house we talked to a random person who happened to be Spanish. He
was cool but he kinda talked in circles, the same thing over again a
few times. So now I'm packing my stuff getting ready to head out. I
hope you are all doing well.

√Člder Grimmer

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