Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Both Edmonton and Calgary got hit with snow, and Red Deer is right
between them, but we only got frost this morning. Apparently this has
been the first Halloween without snow in many years for the Canadians.
Halloween was an interesting event. We got some candy from a ward
event, and we basically just hung out with some other missionaries
because we couldn't go out past 6. We have had a few good lessons, but
it has been relatively stable, not gaining many but not losing anyone
either. Our main investigators right now are in a completely different
town, but we've been trying to get people to progress. We didn't have
much money until last Friday, and I was down to a few things of oats,
some pasta, and cereal with half a gallon of milk. I bought over 100$
worth of groceries, but some things like protein and the endless
amounts of ramen aught to last me basically until the end of my
mission XD. I'll do fine. We get to work with a lot of cool
missionaries here, and they get us a nice amount of referrals. The
dinners have slowed down, but a few cool members have given us extra,
so that has helped. We were trying to lose weight anyway LOL. How have
you all been doing? I wish the best for you all.

√Člder Grimmer

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