Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I Hate Wind!

It hasn't been too cold for most of this week, but when you add the
windchill factor, the -2,3, and  4 become -10, -15, even -20. It
sucks. We got dumped on with snow last night. It had snowed in red
deer before I left, but we didn't get much snow until yesterday. It is
probably  around 6 or 7 inches out there, and the temperature has been
dropping. It isn't too bad, but the wind blows.

So far we have had quite a few more investigators up in this area, but
we haven't been able to meet all of them. Our biggest focus right now
is to invite everyone to a Christmas party we are having for all
Spanish speakers. Last Sunday we got to see a broadcast of the
re-dedication of the Montreal temple. It was really cool, and
president Eyring and some Seventys spoke, but the part that sucked was
no investigators could attend. We've been keeping busy here and my new
companion works hard. He had Spanish immersion as a child so his
Spanish is very good. Much better than mine at least. It is cool to be
in the city, and the other missionaries are cool, but I will have to
be here longer to get a judge of things. I finally got some food for
myself today. Transfers are on Wednesdays and p day is Tuesday. We
basically wait a full week until we can get more food. I was living
off of a giant box of ramen, a big bag of apples, and the generosity
of my companion and the members here. I did okay though, and next week
we'll eat like kings. I'm alright, how are you? I love your emails.

Élder Grimmer

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