Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This week we've had good weather, plus 3 and plus 5 in the day time,
not too much wind, and only -5 or so at night. A lot of the snow has
melted, but most is still there. We are expecting more snow tomorrow.
It has been really warm overall. The Canadians are loving it.
This week we did more work with less actives than investigators. We
still taught, and some were really good lessons, but I think we spent
the most time doing service. We set up two or three Christmas trees,
helped people move, and did some work for habit for humanity. We
worked at what is called the re-store, kinda like a mix of the Home
Depot and goodwill. We taught one of our less actives using the
Christmas devotional. It froze halfway through and he had a question
about the plan they talked about. We taught the entire plan of
salvation, and then watched the rest of it. It was a really good
lesson. We taught another less active using a video. It was good also,
and then we read from the bible about Christ's birth in Luke 2.
Apparently he didn't know that Christ was born in Bethlehem. That was
a bit strange. We just got supplies to make sugar cookies, and we've
been making banana bread. These are fun times.
I hope the best for you all.
√Člder Grimmer

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