Tuesday, December 15, 2015

We did get the snow that was forecasted... and a whole lot more.
Sunday it snowed so hard our car had at least two inches when we left
church. It slowed down but kept coming. This morning we had a flash
snowstorm. When I got up it was not snowing, we got in the car and it
was coming down like crazy, and when we got out of the store, it had
stopped. Well, I guess that's Canada. It hasn't been too cold, only
down to -8 or so (I speak in celcius so about 17 degrees) at the
coldest. Or at least the coldest we were out in. It's the humidity the
snow clouds bring that really gets you though. That and wind. I guess
I'm adapting because I don't feel it that much anymore. Though we did
a finding idea where we all stand outside when it was -6 and gave out
free hot chocolate. I felt the cold then, but only really at my feet
and hands.
So I've been driving; I started yesterday. Our car is decent, but has
no 4wd, so the snow can suck at times. And yes, I did drive through
the snowstorm this morning. The mission's logic is that Edmonton
should shovel the snow so we could drive, and therefore we don't need
trucks or even 4wd. Yea, they SHOULD shovel... Anyways, we get by. One
of our investigators went to Colombia for Christmas, but we got his
email and we can skype him. We had a ton of less active and recent
convert work this week. Not too many investigators lessons, but that's
okay. If anyone has not had the chance, they should check out
Christmas.mormon.org. It very good.
I hope you can all have a very merry Christmas this year.

√Člder Grimmer

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