Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It has actually gotten above freezing for a little while this week.
You know your used to the weather when zero feels like 60. That is
without wind. It got back down though, and was about -15 or so

We just got to go to the temple today. We had to get up at 5:30 to get
there on time. It was a good experience. It has been a crazy week.
There is a lot of potential for us, but little has been realized. We
started Skype teaching one of our investigators and his wife in
Colombia. We might have to go back and teach from the beginning. There
is also an interesting family with a Spanish dad, Cambodian mom and
granddaughter who helps interpret. We finally got everything set up
with with them, and one thing after another keeps cancelling. We also
have an investigator we wanted to meet with almost everyday if we
could. He was living with a member but moved out. He doesn't know his
address right now, so this has been awkward. We have been working hard
I do have a sore throat but I'm doing fine
√Člder Grimmer

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