Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It got down to -20 without the wind, and -30 with the wind. That was a
fun day. It has been about -10 for most of the week. I actually did
get out my coat, and good thing too. It has flurried some, but the
wind is just the worst.
So we finally got back in contact with one of our investigators. He
doesn't know his address, but he walked to a mall nearby. We met him
there and had a lesson, then walked with him back to his apartment. Of
course it was on the day when the wind and cold was the worst. My coat
kept most of me warm, but with no scarf, my face was hurting. We
stopped by later and he was drunk, so that sucks. We showed him the
prophet of the restoration the next day, and he really liked it. We
haven't had too much else this week. We finally got a Cambodian Book
of Mormon to our Spanish/Cambodian family. There were three book of
Mormons in three languages. It was interesting. We have been working
hard, but it is hard.
Love you all

√Člder Grimmer

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