Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It has stayed relatively pleasant, but the wind has been nasty. Elder Russell says it reminds him of his native Idaho, but the people here sure aren't used to it. It got a little chilly but nothing compared to winter.
We met with Sam, but didn't teach anything. Instead, we Skyped his wife and helped her learn english. The entire time Sam was telling her she was doing it wrong and basically putting her down. At the end of the first time we taught her, we pulled him aside and told him to encourage her. Her english is not bad and her reading and writing is great, but she lacks confidence. We came by the next day and it was the same thing again. I'm not sure how they are still married.
Salvador is doing well. He went to AA and will go to ARP this week. He also came to church. We asked someone to give him a ride, but he never got back to us, so we called someone else. Turns out the first did pick him up, so the other guy was left waiting for 20 min. There was also a bit of language barrier which just made everything worse. But hey, life goes on.
I had tripe. It is now the most disgusting thing I've had on my mission yet. We had a dinner less than an hour later, which consisted of steak and shrimp.It was a pleasant difference. Tonight we will be eating with John Gaye, the actual man from the recent movie Freetown. He lives in one of the wards. We will get some Pics=)
With lots of love
√Člder Grimmer

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