Tuesday, April 26, 2016

We didn't feel like paying $5 for washing and drying a load. The
things we learn on the mission.
It has been raining and it got super cold, so for a while it just
sucked. On Sunday it even snowed. It was 2 degrees so nothing stuck,
but still. It has warmed up quite a bit and now it's sunny, so all is

We had the most awesome and crazy service ever Saturday. We gave a
bunch of clothing and household items to a bunch of Syrian Refugees.
It was intense; they are some of the most humble people I have ever
met, at least the ones who just got here. One , who looked like a 14
year old, had half a leg and half of one of his hands. He was in a
bomb, and he was the lucky one. Another family took him in as his were
all killed. These people A ward from a different Stake gathered a
bunch of stuff in just 2 weeks and game up and donated it all. We got
to help. I even learned a little Arabic. That was an awesome

We have been helping Salvador. He has been sober for 3 weeks now. We
got him Book of Mormon CDs because he is dyslexic so that helped him.
We taught a lesson with Salvador and Bryan yesterday, and we got them
exited to read the Book of Mormon by reading the story of Ammon. They
liked that.

We have been working to visit all of the members in the stake that
speak Spanish and invite them to pray for missionary opportunity. We
will report on that Wednesday to the Stake President.
With love

√Člder Grimmer

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