Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Still fine

The weather is still really nice. It got a little chilly, but really
not bad at all. We are getting close to the point where we can sleep
with the windows open, but not quite yet.

We had a good week. General conference was awesome. We had to watch
all of the sessions on Saturday by ourselves, but both sessions on
Sunday we were able to be with members. Sunday morning we came early
to a Colombian family and we had arepas and eggs for breakfast. They
were good. Later we went to a less active family's house. I really
liked the talks. We tried to change the language both times but it
didn't like us. We watched it in English, which is good for us but not
as much for them. We stopped by Salvador and he had a beer, and
everyone in that house were outside drinking. We showed him a video
about how a guy got saved by Christ, then fell again, but he heard God
say "l'm still here." It was really good for him because  Salvador
feels like a hypocrite when he drinks. We are still meeting with him
almost every day.

Our new apartment kinda sucks. It isn't really terrible, but it is far
from great. One thing that really sucks is that we don't have our own
washing machines. I had to pay 5$ just to wash and dry one load. It is
a lot dirtier and smaller than the other, but not really too bad.
Moving isn't fun no matter where you are going though.

Hope you all enjoyed conference!

√Člder Grimmer

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