Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We had a few freak storms, but it has stayed mostly calm. It has been
hot but nothing to bad.

This week was a bit better. We taught a deaf woman. To communicate we
wrote everything down on the iPad and increased the font size. It
worked fairly well. I even prayed, which was a rather odd experience.
I felt very humble as I wrote the words of that prayer. I still have
the whole conversation saved in my notes. We are passing her and her
kids to the sister missionaries in the area. One even knows a little
sigh language so that should help.

We taught Moises this week. He is super receptive and should progress.
There was another family where the wife was interested but the husband
shut us down. Hopefully we can get him to go to soccer though. It has
still been a little slow though.

Take care!
√Člder Grimmer

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