Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It has been nice. I am getting used to the summer. It gets up to mid
thirties C (85 f).

We had a good week. We met with Pj again. We brought the bishop of her
ward. He was exited to meet her. She had a different response to
meeting a bishop; her impression of bishops was that of a super rich
Catholic bishop that is almost super human. We tried to calm her down
and tell her he was just a regular guy, not unlike any other people at
church. It was all ok once the lesson started. He helped a lot with
teaching. She had questions about forgiveness and how it works, so he
was the perfect person to have there. She Asked how many time she
could be forgiven, and we showed a scripture that said as often as we
repent sincerely we will be forgiven.  She started to cry a little. It
was very emotional. She will be going to Colombia soon for a month so
we have to move her baptism date to September.

We went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week. We went all out.
The elder I was with is known for teaching literally everyone. We
taught a Chinese women who was here for school. It was cool. She was
very exited to get a mandarin Book of Mormon. We have missionary's
that teach in mandarin so they should be teaching her soon. It was a
good exchange.

Transfers are in a few weeks but we already had some changes in our
district. A new AP was called, and an elder who was waiting on his
Visa finally got it, so he left to go to salt lake mission. So with
him gone we got a new elder in the mean time. There are quite a few
who will need to go home so there will be more changes to come. All
part of the joy of mission life:)

Take care!

√Člder Grimmer

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