Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's been a bit cooler here. It's about 12-17 as of late. And with
wind, it's chilly. Pretty soon that will be warm, but we haven't been
acclimatized to the cold yet.

We met with Pj. Some member friends of hers invited us to have a
lesson with them. The husband speaks Spanish; it was a really good
lesson. We taught about the gospel. She couldn't come to church
because of work. Sad day.

We taught a guy named Hector. He was a bit of a bible basher. We tried
to teach him, but he wasn't too receptive. We also got dropped by a JW
family. They let us meet with them a few times, but were not
interested in learning. Oh well.

On a happier note, we taught a Mexican family a second time. They are
awesome. We're trying to get members to more lessons. Hopefully
#Yegmormon will be fun. We have been focusing mostly on finding and we
are seeing lots of fruits of our labors.

All is well
Elder Grimmer

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