Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Almost Fall

Tha leaves are changing. Fall is upon us. It has been cooling bit by
bit. The coldest was 6 this morning. Soon that will be the high.
Sunday was miserable. It was raining and cold, which is much worse
than snow.

So we are going to be training. And yes I am still training Elder
Moody. We are going to be a trio with two missionaries training and
two being trained. This will be fun.

We still haven't had anyone come to church. We have a lot of people we
are teaching but hardly anyone is actually progressing. It is tough.
We have been doing lots of finding recently and we found quite a few
Spanish. Canada really is extremely multicultural. We met a bunch of
people from all over Europe. The work is good.

So #Yegmormon was a blast! We did two service projects and taught
Eduardo. It was a great lesson. One of our members scheduled to come
with us fell through, as did two lessons, but that's life. It was a
good day.

All is well. I love you all!

√Člder Grimmer

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