Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It dropped about 10 degrees this week and is still falling. The
earlier part of the week was fine; it was still around -1 or so. On
Sunday we went tracking for about an hour; when we left it was -1 and
it started to snow. By the time we got back in the car it said it was
-10, all In under an hour. Plus wind chill, that was fun. Then
yesterday it kept dropping to a bitter -17. That's 1 degree
Fahrenheit. With windchill it was closer to -25. We went street
contacting. Plus I was on exchanges so I couldn't grab a better jacket
or gloves. Thankfully the elders I was with took care of me. It got so
cold my legs started to feel hot.

So other than the cold this week has been fairly normal. We just got
Tranfer calls. Elder Christensen is leaving us to train two
missionaries. He just finished being trained, but he'll do fine.

This week was the Spanish Christmas party. It was tons of fun. I
talked with a family one of the members invited. We had to leave early
but apparently they danced for two hours after we left. It was a lot
of fun.

So we haven't had a lot of things happening this week, but we have
been working hard. We met with Angel. He is doing alright. So random
mission moment, one of the wards was having a break the fast, and we
showed up as it was ending. One of the members works at a Safeway
bakery and he brought all the extra bread they didn't sell. He gave a
bunch, and we had already broken our fasts, so we just ate a bunch of
bread. I think I ate 5 rolls and 3 slices of rye bread.

So life is good.

√Člder Grimmerou

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