Monday, December 5, 2016

So it has been a dry week, and it just started snowing this morning.
It has been hovering around zero for that past week. A lot of people
ask us why we don't have coats, but it's not really even cold yet, and
besides we carry coats in our car in case it does get cold or if we
are going tracking or something.

This week has been fun but a bit slow. We had a district thanksgiving.
We made potatoes and stuffing, and a member gave other elders the
turkey. It was really good.

We went on a lot of exchanges this week. I still have two more. They
have been really cool experiences; I got to interview one of the
people that the YSA Elders are teaching who is going to be baptized
this week. She was so prepared. I feel that there are people that have
been prepared for us as well, and in each area. We just have to find

So we have been trying to find people a lot this week. We just got a
bunch of referrals from other missionaries, which is cool. We met with
Salvador, and he is a bit depressed. His situation is rough right now.
We had some members pick him up, but I guess he slept in. Not much we
can do there. We basically have a bunch of "wet Investigators" who
have been baptized but either don't know or never really learned the
doctrine. We are working with a part member family, but first we need
to help the Father really gain a testimony before we can try and work
with the rest of the family.

So we have working hard, and we are starting to see some fruit of the
work, but it is slow. Regardless, the work is sweet.

Con amor

√Člder Grimmer

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