Friday, December 23, 2016

So the beginning of the week was frigid, but it warmed up quite a bit.
It went from -20 to -1 basically overnight. What has really been
killer has been the wind. It was -17 one day, but with the wind chill
it got as cold as -40. Yesterday was relatively warm, but all of the
sudden a burst of snow and wind hit us. That was fun, it was literally
like watching a wall come towards us.  When I warmed up, it felt like
shorts weather, which is funny because when it first hit -1 it felt
very cold. I guess we adapt.

This week has been full of finding. We have tracked like no other,
street contacted, bus contacted, anything you can think of. On one
street we knocked and knocked and I felt like turning back, but we
kept going. It was a good thing we did; we found a Chilean man who
really liked to talk a lot. He was cool. Everything is fine up here.

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