Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"All the Canadians Are Thawing Out"

Most Canadians just close themselves up in their houses and hibernate
for the winter, so when it gets nice out side it seems like they thaw
out. Everyone is outside. This week has been the first consistently
warm week in a long time. The trees are finally starting to turn
green; just a week ago everything still looked dead, now it is coming
back to life. Even night time was warm, it has been just great. The
past few days it has felt like it would rain and thunderstorms have
been in the forecast, but we haven't seen any yet.

This week has been more preparation than going out and doing the work.
We went up to Edmonton for a special multi-zone conference. We would
have gone to the conference in Red Deer last week, but President
wanted us to come up for a special meeting. We got to go to the
temple. This was the first time in a long time that I've gotten to go
there. At first I was feeling like we would be spending the whole day
without doing any real mission work, but the spirit told me I would be
doing some of the most important missionary work. I had a sweet
experience in the temple. We stayed overnight with some missionaries
in Riverbend, the only area in Edmonton I don't know like the back of
my hand. Everything that could have gone wrong seemed to go wrong, but
everything ended up ok.

The next day we had the new missionary training meeting. We talked
about the basics for being a missionary. We had to get some things
taken care of for Elder Rodriguez's visa, then we headed back down to
Innisfail. It was about 2 and 1/2 hours. Then I got sick, so we ended
up spending three days without hardly doing any missionary work. I
guess we needed that through. The Lord gives us what we need when we
need it.

We found some cool people. One guy kept referring to us as soldiers.
He said he wants to be a guard in God's kingdom. He was fun. We met
with a super born again Christian family. They thought they knew our
religion better than we did, which obviously they didn't. Talking with
them was fun. Then we met a girl named Sam who had no religion at all.
The difference was Day and night.

We are doing well here.

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