Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Crazy storms

Last Wednesday we had a crazy storm. Apparently it was cyclone, there
were hurricane force winds and crazy rain. Plus it was really cold, it
snowed in Calgary. A bunch of trees got blown down by the wind. Some
people had trees hit their houses or cars. Some people lost shingles
off their roofs. A bunch of branches are still lying everywhere. It
has been really calm since then.

Also on Wednesday we had transfers. Elder Rodriguez went up to
Edmonton to serve in Bear's Paw Ward in Millwoods, and l am in
Innisfail with Elder Sepulcri from Argentina. He is learning English.
We are roughly equal with my Spanish and his English. We generally
talk in English to help him.

This week we did a lot of service and we knocked a lot of doors. We
didn't have a lot of lessons. We didn't see  Stephanie, but we did see
Ron. He is doing all right. Hopefully we can get him connected with a
member and then we can help him to come to church. He really wants to
come to church and he wants to progress but it is slow. We just talk.
He says it lifts his spirits, so that's really good. Where are you I
hopefully going to help him to start doing some things on his own.
He's been reading from the book of Mormon and he ordered a large print
version which hasn't come yet. We didn't really ask him to do that so
he's taking initiative on a few things. He just seems like a really
good guy.

Charles was evicted Saturday. We talked with the landlord, and he said
that he just left the keys in the door and a mess. He wasn't too happy
about that. We have no idea where he went so unless we find him he's
probably gone. Hopefully he will figure everything out.

We are doing well.

√Člder Grimmer

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