Tuesday, May 2, 2017

If You Don't Like The Weather, Give It 5 Minutes

That's a common phrase here in Alberta, and this week we proved it to
be correct. On Sunday we went to a neighborhood to knock some doors;
it was a beautiful sunny day. Then out of the blue it started raining.
We both had rain coats so we put those on. Then 5 min later the rain
turned into hail. Then 5 min after that, the rain and hail suddenly
stopped, and the sun came back. Then the hail came back with the sun
still shining. It was very strange, but interesting. It didn't really
impede us though.

We had a good week. Stephany is doing well, she came to church and
stayed all three hours. She is meeting more members and she is
enjoying the spirit. We are meeting with her tomorrow. Member-
missionary work is the best! This ward is really good for that.

Charles is going through a rough time. He was in a mood Sunday and
didn't want to come to church. We have had a hard time meeting with

We met a less active member named Travis. He seems like he wants to
come back to church, but something is holding him back. Just yesterday
we had a cool experience; we were about to knock his door, but just as
Elder Rodriguez was about to knock, a member, Bro. Ellis, called us.
The member lived just down the street, so we went over and talked. We
asked if the Brother Ellis would like to come with us to visit Travis.
He came with us and it turns out they have a lot of similar interests
and they got along very well, despite a 20 year age difference. Then
today we came over to play pool and have breakfast with Bro. Ellis,
and Travis was there. We had a good time. It was definitely divine

We have been working hard. One day just before dinner we had some free
time so we knocked a few doors. As we were about to go, we were
talking in the car, then we went out to knock. After a few doors,
Elder Rodriguez turned and said " we've been out here for 10 min and
we were in the car for 2 min," but it felt like we had been in the car
for 10 min and we had been out only 2. Time flies when your doing the

We are well.

√Člder Grimmer

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