Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Service and Sunburned

This week has been nice. It has been perfect weather for service, which we have been doing a lot of. I got a nice little sunburn, so that was fun. There have been random storms, but nothing too bad.

We have been doing a lot of service for a less active family, Rebecca and her fiancée Cam. Their landlord told them the Thursday before this Thursday that in two weeks he would be coming by to do an inspection. Their house is pretty dirty but mainly super cluttered. We have spent at least ten hours there cleaning. We came by on Saturday morning, and because Cam was at work, we weren't able to help inside. we cleaned their yard, and hence the sunburn. We called a member to come and help fix their fence gate. It went from a complete disaster to actually working. He reinforced it with at least twenty screws. Then when there wasn't anything left to do outside, two sisters from the relief society showed up and started helping. We got there at 8 and left at 5. She came to church, which is a miracle on it's own, and we came back on Monday for about three hours. There were three more sisters helping. The house went from destroyed to actually livable. Plus, before all this, we had a really good lesson on the Atonement of Christ,and how that can help her in her life. She said if it really helps, she will quit smoking.

We found a new Investigator family in a miraculous way. There are some members that own a home in Innisfail that they rent. The renters that just moved in asked them if they knew a minister that could come and bless their home. They sent us :). We talked with them and they are a super nice family. Vohne, the man, looked a bit rough, but he is super nice and gentle. We blessed their home, and then we shared a message about the Book of Mormon. They said we could come back any time. It was such a miracle.

Stephanie is doing well. We had a really solid lesson on Sunday. We moved her baptismal date to July 1 (which is also Canada Day), and is also my last Saturday in the mission. It was basically an answer to a prayer. She also dyed her hair pink, so that's fun.

We have been doing great.

Élder Grimmer

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