Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Few Days of Summer

It decided to get really warm, 12 degrees, and almost all the snow melted. Then Sunday it dropped about 2 inches of snow. It is perfect snowman weather, as it is roughly 1 degree and al the snow is slushy.I am trying to convince my companion to make a snowman with me.

Yesterday we had interviews with the mission president. He gave us ideas on to work more effectively, on how to plan, and just being better missionaries. We have had a better week so far. we had several lessons and we found a new investigator. 

So Salvador. Fun. We have been going through lawyers like no business, acting as the middle man and translator. He is in a tight situation, and is not doing too hot. He would get baptised in a second if he could, but it is just a mess. He is really strong, though, and he has faith. 

There hasn't been too much going on. Elder Russell is going on a diet. I have remained the same weight my whole mission so far, and I am sticking to my regular food. It is fairly healthy, lots of pasta, oats, cereal, and 8L (a little over 2 gallons) of milk each week.

With Love
√Čldae Grimmer

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