Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The weather here is perfect. All the snow melted. Of course, it could
snow again any moment, because Canada.

We had a crazy experience Friday with Salvador. We stopped by around 8
as is custom, and he was on he driveway behind his house with Bryan.
We started to talk and they said we're drunk. They had drunk an entire
case of beer. We told them we were there to help them and Elder
Russell asked if they had any more alcohol. Bryan handed him a bottle
of Jack Daniels and he poured it on the street. We asked if there was
anything more, and eventually they admitted they had another case of
beer. All four of us began to pour out the beer. One of them burst on
Elder Russell and he got covered in beer. Salvador started to attack
the beer in a drunken rage; throwing the cans on the road and kicking
the box. Later they said we had poured out $70 worth of alcohol. We
watched a bible video to calm them down. The next day we stopped by
and made them pancakes and bacon. Two days later Salvador came to
church, but Bryan slept in.

We are moving apartments. On of the areas is shutting down, and they
are moving us into their apartment and YSA sisters are taking our
apartment. The one we are leaving was really nice with a washer and
dryer and even a dishwasher. The new one is gross and old and a lot
smaller. Oh well. We have been moving lots of stuff though. I got to
drive a truck for the first time in my life. It had a bunch of stuff
in the back. That was fun. Plus we will be staying with the elders
there for a day before they ship off.

I have been doing well. I hope the best for you all and hope you had a
happy Easter

√Člder Grimmer

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