Tuesday, March 15, 2016

t has gotten really warm, but some days have still been cold. The
highest it has been was probably about plus 15. Not much snow is left,
but the rivers are still frozen. It tried to snow Sunday, but it was
too warm and nothing stuck. When it gets warm everything is wet.
Basically all of the rain that would have fallen but was snow builds
up, and then everything melts.

His week has been interesting. There was a fair amount of service
done. We had some degree of contact with most of our investigators,
but we only were able to teach three of them. We have had a few
activities and are going to have more. One of the wards had a pi night activity, where
everyone brought pies. We made a key lime pie with Elder Russell's
grandma's recipe. It was delicious. We didn't win (the ballots were
probably rigged) but it was one of the first gone. None of the people
we invited showed up.

So Sam. Sam, Sam, Sam. He is an interesting man. We had a lesson that
started at 8:30 and ended around 10 pm. He took tangents off his
tangents. We fought long and hard to keep it a lesson. I don't know
how intent he is on learning the gospel. Then the next day he invited
us to go jogging. We had a ward coordination meeting just before so we
were in full proselytizing clothes. We ended up jogging/hiking for
over 2 hours. It was cool though. We went through this ravine that
went through some woods, and we saw a coyote almost 40 feet away. We
were in woods, but this was still almost next to Downtown.

Salvador is not doing so hot. We are going to meet with him tonight.

I hope you are all doing well. Enjoy these pictures of pie.

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