Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Answers to Dad's questions:  Our apartment is kinda small, but with an open floor layout, so it feels bigger. We are the only ones there. Elder Russell is a bit more like me in personality. He really cares for the people. Elder Silva was a great Spanish speaker, and they are both great guys. We don't have Senior companions as a leadership role, as the President doesn't like that. There are 9 Spanish missionaries, one just got his vista to go to the states. There were 5 areas, but 2 got put together so we have 4 now. Hopefully they will split again soon. We don't have a branch, even though there are plenty to support a branch in the north stake. There was a branch almost 7 years ago and it failed, so leaders are hesitant to start a new branch. We keep good communications in the wards we work in. We do exchanges once a transfer with the ZLs. Driving in the snow is not hard at all. You know the drill. My companion is driving and he is from Idaho, so lots of practice with snow driving. I do miss having a 4x4. we get 3000 kliks a month and we use 1500, when we don't go to Grand Prairie. Pdays are way too short but there are fun, but not too many people come together for sports. my Spanish is coming along, with lots of errors. I don't get mistaken for a native LOL. I asked an investigator, who said that he could judge accents well, where my accent sounded from, and he said it sounded american. We find investigators mainly by contacting formers/potentials, missionary referrals or member referrals. the locals liker their hokey but they aren't too obsessed with it. I don't think anything really surprised me about Canada. I like it a lot.

Élder Grant Grimmer

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