Tuesday, March 28, 2017

It has been warm here, for the most part. It can get chilly, but we don't have to worry about freezing anymore. Most of the snow has melted and things are about to start growing. Only snow piles and snow that is in the shade is still hanging around.

This week the travelling APs came to Innisfail. They were here to help us multiply our efforts. It was a lot of fun serving with them. We found a new Investigator; a christian man who is unsatisfied with the hypocrisy he saw in his church. He is a good man but he has his vices. We had a good Three days with them.

The Spanish sisters in Red Deer found a guy named Oswaldo. They needed to have at least three men or a woman with them, so they invited us to the first lesson. He Is awesome. After Being invited to read 3rd Nephi 11, he read all the way to the end of the Book of Mormon! He said that he didn't understand everything, but he is willing to find out. Later we brought a Spanish speaking member of our ward and we read with him, and we talked about prayer. It's a miracle they found him. He hasn't even been here a month yet. His fist time going to the Spanish store in Red Deer he saw a flier for free English class and he came. The sisters asked if he wanted to learn about Jesus and he agreed. He is progressing now.

We don't have any progressing investigators of our own to talk about right now. but we have a few we are trying to work with.

√Člder Grimmer

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