Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Last Freeze (hopefully)

This week was bitter cold, but it has warmed up a bit and the forecast
is all in the positives so that's good. It dumped a bunch of snow and
I made snow angels. Everything is so white and clean. The problem with
melting snow is all the dirt they put on the road gets airborne and it
all sticks to our car like a magnet. Still I like it better when it's
not -20 in March. Elder Santos is counting down the days until the
snow is gone. He is from California, and he hates the cold. We are all
looking forward to spring. The forecast said it would be +10 yesterday
but it was only -1. That still beats -20 though!

This week has been alright. We have a few people we are teaching, but
no one is really progressing right now. We are working with a lot of
less active members. We have one Investigator that lives in Camerose,
which is a town in another stake, he is going to school in the town of
Olds, out of our area, but he is staying in Bowden which is in our
area. His wife is a member, and we are teaching him while he goes to
school. It's a good old mixup. His situation is tough, but the members
are trying to help out though.

I'm starting to get used to Innisfail, and I'm getting to know a lot
more members here. It is a good little town. We are doing alright.

√Člder Grimmer

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