Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It dropped back down this week. We got a snow storm that covered up
everything pretty quick. Before the new snow, almost everything had
melted, and there are lots of patches of ice everywhere. It got down
to -16 in the morning; the coldest we were out in was probably well
under -20 with windchill. It was totally worth it though; we found
three people that were interested all on the same street. That is
almost unheard of. It warmed back up to a brisk -5, so nothing too
bad. The weather here is weird, the same air temperature can feel
really cold if you are in shade and it's windy, or it can feel warm
and toasty if you're in the sun. I've come to love the sun.

This morning transfer calls came. I'm going to Innisfail. This will be
my first time serving English. This is going to be a very different
transfer, but it should be fun.

This week has been a good one. We got tones of approaches, but we
realized we weren't actually teaching anyone. Upon further
investigation, we realized we had completely failed to do follow up.
There are a few people we had stopped by, but really we hadn't done
anything towards  teaching them. We had a very long Weekly planning
session about that.

One quick experience this week- I was walking down Whyte Ave with a
Chinese Elder. He stopped and started talking to a Chinese man, and I
was left trying to talk with as many people as I could. Everyone kept
saying no, and I was starting to get a little discouraged. I said a
silent pray that God would lift my spirits, and then the next guy I
talked to said he was a member. I could feel that he wasn't actively
living a Christian life. I bore testimony and invited him to come back
to the fold. Near he end I asked him what his name was. He said
"Ricardo" in a very Spanish accent, and I started talking to him in
Spanish. Up to this point his friend hadn't said much, but I was able
to talk a little with him as well. They were both from Mexico. I got
there number, but I guess I didn't save it when I put it in the phone,
so when I tried to text them, the contact wasn't there. I guess it
wasn't their time just yet, but I am thankful for that tender mercy
from God.

So life is good, aside from a mild sore through that is almost gone.

Con amor

√Člder Grimmer

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