Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sun and Slush

This week has been a lot warmer. It is still pretty chilly at times,
but I'll take -2 over -20 any day. It's been really windy, and that
makes things a lot colder. Southern Alberta is famous for incredibly
strong winds. Most of the snow has either melted or turned into tough
ice. That happens when it keeps melting and re-freezing. I made a few
snowmen, but they all fell down. One got hit by a car, which happened
to be driven by my companion lol. He really wanted to hit a snowman.
We have a video and everything. I found out building a snowman is a
really good leg workout, especially when you have to squat down to
roll the snow cause you don't want to get your knees wet.

Yesterday was Zone conference, and big things are happening. Our
mission president gave us an interesting initiative; we are going to
ask the members to show us their friends lost on Facebook, twitter,
the like, and send a special message to them. The idea is that it
creates a "safe" environment where missionary work is instituted. We
were also told of other plans to utilize technology to hasten the
work. Apparently they did this in a district in Arizona, and in three
weeks they went from having no one to teach to 13 baptisms. I am
exited to implement this.

We have been working hard, and we are teaching lessons, but we don't
have anyone on date or coming to church. We are trying to work with
more people. There are plenty of less active members that we are
working with. The work is going on.

All is well

√Člder Grimmer

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